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Decode Your Emotions, Rewrite Your Story Amidst Toxicity:

Greetings from someone who knows this space exceptionally well...  I know that emerging from a toxic and abusive relationship can leave your emotions overwhelming and incomprehensible.  Click the link below to get my "Problem Solving & Reframing Emotions" worksheets.   These worksheets are for the woman who is navigating the aftermath of a toxic and/or abusive relationship(s), and desperately needs foundational tools to unwind, understand and manage her emotions and choices. Build your self-awareness skills for deep clarity on the what, why, and how of your feelings, especially in the throes of chronic survival mode.


My Signature Offerings

Intentionally designed Digital Products, Courses/Masterclasses,

Exclusive Personal Coaching + Private Support Groups & Community 



In the aftermath of a toxic relationship, you may feel lost, like a shell of who you once were. This isn't just about dissecting the past, but understanding the impact it's had on you and reclaiming your sense of self. My guides, ebooks, and workbooks are your lifeline, offering clarity, self-discovery, and practical steps to rebuild your confidence and strength. They're designed to help you navigate out of the fog of confusion and self-doubt, empowering you to start a new chapter on your own terms.



Join my exclusive 12-week personal coaching program, designed for women ready to leave toxic relationships behind. Experience personalized guidance, actionable strategies, and profound self-discovery. Limited to just three clients, this program offers focused, transformative coaching to rebuild confidence and craft a resilient, empowered future. CLICK to learn more and secure your spot.



Transform your life with my masterclasses and courses, specifically tailored to women emerging from toxic relationships. We delve deep into understanding the psychological impact these experiences have on you. Our sessions guide you through recognizing and dismantling the negative patterns and beliefs ingrained by past traumas. With a blend of practical exercises and insightful discussions, I offer insight and tools to help you rewrite your own story. You'll learn strategies to reclaim your identity, build a positive self-image, and foster a resilient mindset.



Find Strength in Community: Story ReWritten support groups are a safe place to land for women navigating the aftermath of toxic relationships. Here, you'll find not only a supportive community but also an array of resources to aid your growth and healing. These empowering spaces foster connection, offer mutual support, and provide practical tools for rebuilding your life. Join in to share, heal, and grow together in an environment that understands, encourages, and uplifts your journey to healing and self-discovery

Hello, I'm Yaél.

I am Certified Professional Holistic Life Coach, Mind/Body Practitioner, and Trauma Informed Breath Work Instructor. My journey to where I am today has been marked by personal struggles and triumphs that deeply resonate with the experiences of many women.

For nearly four decades, I lived through the cycles of toxic, dysfunctional, and abusive relationships. During this time, I often felt like I was in a state of chronic survival, grappling with mental, emotional, and even physical challenges. It was a journey that, at times, left me feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and lost.

However, through these trials, I found my calling. I decided to turn my experiences into something positive – a means to make sense of my own life and to heal my broken soul. This decision led me to delve deeply into the world of holistic life coaching and mind-body practices. I immersed myself in learning and eventually emerged not just with certifications, but with a profound self-awareness and a renewed sense of purpose.

My practice is centered on the foundational journey of healing and growth. I specialize in helping women who are emerging from toxic and often abusive relationships. I understand the nuances of what it feels like to be in that position – the overwhelming emotions, the sense of being alone, and the confusion about where to start the healing process.

In my work, I blend my personal insights with professional knowledge to create a space where women can feel understood and supported. I help them recognize and change deep-seated beliefs about themselves, guiding them through the complexities of their emotions and helping them build a new, empowered mindset.

For anyone who feels lost in the aftermath of a relationship that has left them drained and unsure, I offer not just a path to healing but also to self-discovery and transformation. It's a journey I've walked myself, and now, I'm here to walk it with you.

Yaél xoxo


The heart of my program, 'Story ReWritten,' lies in empowering women to comprehend and transform their own narratives. It's more than just moving past the pain; it's about comprehending the mechanics of our experiences and how they shape us. I help women dissect their past, understand its impact, and rebuild their belief systems. This process is pivotal for breaking free from the cycle of dysfunction and trauma, paving the way for a future rich in self-awareness and resilience. By rewriting your story, you're not just reclaiming your narrative; you're architecting a life of empowerment, purpose, and renewed strength.

Professional Knowledge & Education

  • Holistic Life & Mindset Coach, CPHLC, IIAC

  • Trauma Informed Breath Work Instructor, 2022

  • Mind/Body Practitioner, Certified Professional 2020

  • PsychoAromacology, Diploma 2018

  • dōTERRA Certified Essential Oil Educator

  • Aroma Touch Technique, Certification 2017

  • Neuroscience in the Classroom, Harvard Ex. School, 2015​

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