I'm Cheryl... xoxo

As a Certified Professional Holistic Mindset Coach, Mind/Body Practitioner, and Certified Breath Instructor Candidate,  I’m committed to empowering the stuck wounded woman to live a better and healthier life through private client coaching, workshops and introductory course materials.  I'll teach you the foundational skills you need to "rewrite" your OWN story so you can move forward to your bigger goals, dreams and desires. 

Cert. Breath Instructor Candidate, 2022

Holistic Life & Mindset Coach, CPHLC

Mind/Body Practitioner, Certification 2020

PsychoAromacology, Diploma 2018

dōTERRA Certified Essential Oil Educator

Aroma Touch Technique, Certification 2017

Neuroscience in the Classroom, Harvard Ex. School, 2015

Today my life looks different, but not because I'm a "whole new person".  It doesn't work like that.  I've made small shifts in what I call "Foundational Mindset Skills" and I've worked hard on my OWN "new story". 


I made a conscious choice to start to look inward at what drives my fears, anger, resentment and excuses for NOT showing up as my best for myself.  I started to challenge them, work to change them and then - what I think is the biggest shift of all - COMMIT them to action. 

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