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I didn't want to leave you hanging.  Chances are you are in the same space I was just a few years ago...  Isolated, full of fear & anxiety, and feeling exhausted and out of hope.  I spent HOURS on the web looking for help.  Looking for SOMETHING that could help me make sense of what I was experiencing and HOW to make it better...HOW to make it STOP!  

I want you to know that although I DID find some good resources, I missed the ONE THING that I had TOTAL CONTROL over... my OWN MINDSET.   

Maybe you're not ready to commit to doing the work to change yours, however, I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE YOU HANGING.  Please take a moment to look through here and bookmark it.  I've added websites, self care supports, books/podcasts and other subject matter that might be a lifeline for you at this MOMENT.  

Hang on. Subscribe to my email list & weekly well-being journal.  Listen to my podcast & find me on Instagram.  I'm here for you now & when you're ready to move forward.  

Resources for Clarity & Healing Support

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Every woman is the architect of her own fortune.

Understand worth. Know your value.