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1000 Reasons...but I'll give you 3

1000 reasons... but when your stuck in your head with old stories and feeling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated, you don't need 1000 MORE reasons to rewrite your story. Truthfully, you only need ONE - and that is because you DESERVE BETTER. Today though, I'm giving you THREE solid reasons that you should consider and choose to do the work to get "unstuck".


Your mindset is the bottom line reason you're staying stuck in the old stories. Stories that don't serve you any longer. Stories that somebody else told you and you believed them. Stories that are limiting and hold you hostage because you can't seem to believe that there IS something more to this life than just "getting through it" and settling.

The "Stuck Wounded Woman" truly IS stuck in her mindset. The stories she tells herself constantly cycle through her thoughts/feelings, and her actions give back the results at that level. Low level mindset? Why of course that's the reason nothing changes or works out! If she thinks she can't, she won't. If she thinks she is unattractive, her actions will present that belief in the mirror. If she doesn't know how to enforce boundaries because she doesn't believe in her worth, she will call that kind of energy into her relationships. What you THINK matters. Your ability to get unstuck and move forward on to your bigger goals, dreams and desires is predicated upon your MINDSET.

Joy Paige says: "Sometimes all it takes to change a life is to decide which beliefs do not serve you and to literally change your mind about those beliefs."


Do you wake up dreading the day and wonder by the end of the day why they feel so exhausted emotionally? Who finds themselves in the day-to-day repeat of "blah" and can't remember the last time they felt some joy, excitement or peacefulness in their heart? Who looks at her past and remembers the "happy" her? The one that had dreams and laughed and life felt "easy". Who is that girl and where did she go?

Our emotional wellness is a priority. We talk about it a lot and there are endless books, courses, workshops, social media posts about it, but we are STILL a very unhappy and emotionally drained society for the most part. It's an oxymoron that we are always in the "pursuit of happiness" however, we rarely find it - especially the "Stuck Wounded Woman".

The Mind/Body connection is a very real thing. It is a very symbiotic process of emotions and how our bodies manifest those feelings. Emotions are information carrying molecules that bind to - and react with - cell receptors. They impact all of our functions and behavior. Understanding how vitally important our emotional wellness impacts our day-to-day, and even moment-to-moment living is a HUGE reason to start paying attention to ourselves and the "stories" (narratives) that we have playing in our heads.


Did that get your attention? Did reading that statement bring up any feelings of anxiety, shock, regret/remorse...fear? I know it did for me.

When I realized on a very deep level that yes, I will ONLY have ONE life to live and this is it - my focus shifted very quickly to learning the foundational skills of getting "unstuck" and using all that energy I was wasting on hating myself - to energy channeled into creating myself - and a life that feels like I'm alive and I can do whatever I set my mind to.

That right there is what we call "EMPOWERED". Note that I'm not talking about how much money one has, status, prior success, perfect body, expertise knowledge - that is an absolute NO. The kind of empowerment I'm talking about is all inside of YOU. Learning to trust your gut. Learning to listen to your voice, your body and what your intuition is telling you/guiding you toward. The skill of discipline. Having the vision and grit to re-create yourself in all the ways that SERVE you, and showing up for yourself on a daily basis.


These are the THREE core reasons that the "Stuck Wounded Woman" should seriously consider for herself. Notice how they are all wrapped around MINDSET? Notice that you really DO have the power to create a life you love. Stop wasting your time in old stories and overwhelm - use that energy to master the foundational mindset skills that will get you "unstuck", and moving FORWARD on to those bigger goals, dreams and desires.

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