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Oils, Emotions & What They Say About You

Lemongrass, Patchouli and Cassia. 3 oils that I diffuse consistently at my desk when I'm working. I love them and honestly can't get enough of breathing them in. It's a little weird, but I know why I crave them so much and I gladly am responding to what my body wants...needs.

Let me give you the run-down of the emotions that are addressed by these 3 oils. If you're anything like I was a few years ago, you will probably roll your eyes and be like "yeah, yeah....voodoo magic and all the oils...". Keep reading...

Lemongrass: Oil of Cleansing

Lemongrass is a powerful cleanser of energy. It dispels feelings of despondency, despair, and lethargy. It assists individuals in entering a healing mode or cleansing state.

Emotions Addressed: Toxic, Hoarding, Spiritual Blindness, Non-attachment, and Discerning.

Patchouli: Oil of Physicality

Patchouli supports individuals in becoming fully present in their physical body. It balances those who feel devitalized and who seek to escape the body through spiritual pursuits or other forms of distraction. While using Patchouli, individuals feel more grounded and fluid. This oil calms fear and nervous tension.

Emotions Addressed: Body Shame, Disconnected, Grounded, Confident, Body Acceptance, Stable

Cassia: Oil of Self-Assurance

Cassia brings gladness and courage to the heart and soul. It is a wonderful remedy for the shy and timid. Similar to Cinnamon, Cassia dispels fear and relaxers it with self-assurance. It aids those who feel foolish by helping them see their own brilliance.

Emotions Addressed: Embarrassed, Hiding, Fearful, Humiliated, Insecure, Judged, Shy, Worthless, Courageous, Self-Assured, Unashamed.

After learning about the emotions addressed with these three particular oils my mind was blown! I was struggling in ALL of these areas...with decades worth of shame, guilt, hiding, insecurity, and having a toxic mindset that also included hating myself. Even though the thoughts of not feeling "good enough" or "disconnected" show up at times, when I use my oils - specifically these three - they help support me by balancing me mentally, physically and emotionally and give me the reminder to check my thoughts vs. what is true.

Do you have a favorite oil? If so, do you know what emotion(s) it addresses & supports? Don't know and want to learn more? Leave a comment below or connect with me via the chat box over to your right. Let's talk oils and emotions and see what might be hiding below the surface.

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