Wellness Consult

Essential Oil Education

My work with women coming out of toxic, underserving and often abusive "stories" is one of my absolute passions in life.  Working with essential oils is part of that work - in fact, it is the most POWERFUL and EMPOWERING modality that I recommend to my clients for IMMEDIATE support in her healing/wellness journey.


Backed by hard science, beyond pure, safe and NATURAL, I personally & professionally endorse ONLY dōTERRA essential oils.  My experience with chronic stress/anxiety has been a long one. When I learned the power that an essential oil can have to immediately help me during a panic attack - it was only then that I realized the benefit and meaning behind "empowerment in a bottle".  


Now I educate & empower other women about oils.   Every week I show up and teach my:

•   Essential Oil Basics Workshop:  Learn the "How, What & Why"of ōils + YOU 


•   Monthly "4 - Week" Masterclass Series

           • July:  Taking Control of Your Emotions:  Stop the Spiral with Oils

           • August:  Creating Safe Spaces for Healing, Anchoring & Growth

           • September:  Well-being Support:  Rest, Immunity & Emotional Rescue

           •October:  Foundational Self Care Boot Camp for Beginners

When you're ready to commit to your own wellness, that will be the time to talk about oils.  I'm here for you when that happens.  Click to register for one of my classes, or if you prefer to talk now, schedule your FREE "Wellness Consult" with me.